Chinese lanterns – probably not the best way to remember wee Oscar Knox

Wee Oscar Knox captured the hearts of many in his fight against cancer – a battle which he unfortunately lost last Friday.

To commemorate brave Oscar, Chinese lanterns were lit yesterday evening in an undeniably beautiful sight.

Unfortunately, the lanterns were far less pretty when seen slumped and blackened along pavements this morning.  

Image from Belfast Telegraph

 In all honesty, it was only upon seeing those lanterns on my way to work today that the aftermath of a stunning night view struck home. On the previous two occasions I’ve seen Chinese lanterns – the first time in Wuhan on a work trip and the second in Dublin last New Year’s – I hadn’t been around to witness the morning after. Caught up in the magic of seeing those lanterns in the night sky, I hadn’t paused to wonder either what happens when the lanterns descend.

This is thus, for me, a timely reminder that what goes up in our skies can only come down as ugly trash somewhere else soon after – as pretty as Chinese lanterns may be, with their unfortunate consequences they might not be the best way to commemorate those who have inspired many with their courage and tenacity.


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