Notes from Ballet Intensive Week

Wow – it’s been a good 3 weeks since the end of ballet intensive classes in early July. Unfortunately, due to illness I haven’t done any ballet since then (see previous post), but am looking forward to an class tomorrow at APPA NI’s (Academy of Professional Performing Arts) open day.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally gotten down to posting some of the notes that I’d taken from ballet intensive week. These should be useful for those out there who experience the same issues as I do!

Tips and Reminders:

  • Keep knees straight at all times.
  • When closing tendus, shift weight onto the working foot so that weight is evenly distributed between both feet.
  • For frappes, keep the working leg held out for as long as possible, before closing it quickly to quickly frappe out again.
  • Keep shoulders back and down for 3rd arabesques. Also, keep the lower arm pointing straight in front but shift the upper arm slightly outward to create a nicer line
  • Keep knees straight and tight together on chaînés
  • Never hop on pirouettes. Instead, continue the turn until it naturally ends to ‘cure’ hopping.
  • To keep arms centred while turning, press one hand against the palm of the other in first position
  • Arms in attitude should be slightly open and be a continuation of the leg line to form an imaginary circle

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