Summer getaway in Italy

We escaped a summer holiday in Galway this year thanks to E having to attend a conference in Milan, with me tagging along. Not that I didn’t want to explore the west coast – don’t get me wrong – but really, it’s not a difficult decision when having to choose between Galway and Milan!

I’m still going through photos from the trip, but the best thing about being on holiday is that, looking back, the beautiful memories of the sights and food tend to trump all the other niggles about being in an unfamiliar place. How else can it be when there are pictures such as this, of Milan’s Duomo:

And of this, the gorgeous meals that I had:

Lake Como
It’s these snaps that push to the back of the mind the headache-inducing, blazing sun; the wariness of pickpockets and touts at Milan’s Central Station; the sub-standard meals with unfresh seafood; and the odours emanating from other hot, sweaty people who seemed to have forgotten the deodorant.

Holiday pictures also bring some breathtaking views into sharp focus again:

And remind me of how nice it was to wander about alone, my mind free from Facebook, Whatsapp, etc for most of the day, to see things like these – Milan’s Cimitero Monumentale and Turin’s Palazzo Reale:

Not forgetting either, our exploration of Bellagio and Varenna at Lake Como:

DSC_5681  DSC_5607
My initial thoughts were that I didn’t want to post anything while we were away as that was just a big fat sign saying “Come rob our vacant house!”, but it’s turned out to be surprisingly gratifying to take my time with these pictures. I’m reminded of the holiday each time I edit one part of the trip or post a picture to Instagram – it’s a brilliant, zero-cost way to prolong the positive effects of going away!

Also, the longer I take to “be done” with these pictures – i.e. editing, cropping and posting – the closer it will be to the time I return home for a visit and for the entire process to be repeated again. Already I’m starting the countdown and allowing myself to dream, more freely than usual, of all the food that I will indulge in when I’m back. I honestly can’t wait, although I might be singing a vastly different tune when the reality of Singapore’s humidity is, literally, smack in my face.

But still – roll on home time. I’m counting down to Singapore.


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