[Brief] Ode to Sambal Chilli

Note: This would have been just a short status update on Facebook, but I’m well aware that not everyone cares or needs to know about my current musings on food, which are fairly frequent. 

I bought my first jar of sambal chilli from the Asian supermarket last week. I’d previously bought some frozen Royal Blue hargau from the same supermarket and felt that they needed some sambal chilli to bring out their full flavour – just like how I enjoy dimsum at home. I was told that the Royal Blue brand of dimsum is produced by the same people who supply Raffles Hotel’s Royal China’s London restaurant, and these hargau were delicious indeed – the skin was soft and the prawns were succulent and juicy, despite having been cooked from frozen.

Just 3 of the 5 hargau I had for lunch one day.

Just 3 of the 5 hargau I had for lunch one day.

So I cracked upon the jar of chilli today, and OH MY GOODNESS. It prompted the thought that sambal chilli is like a good friend whom you don’t know you’ve missed until you catch up again – how could I have not bought sambal chilli earlier?! It was so good in all its eye-watering, mouth-on-fire, nose-running goodness – the imagery isn’t pretty, but anyone who enjoys a good dose of spice will know exactly what I mean. I’ve had other Singaporeans express (horror,) shock and surprise when they learn that I don’t miss chilli – my time abroad has proven that I can live quite happily without chilli, but boy, do I love it so much when it’s available right there in front of me.

Now that I’ve had my first taste of sambal chilli in almost 2 years, I think it’s time I made good use of it to re-adapt my tastebuds to spice and oil in preparation for my trip home!


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