Back home in Singapore – the ultimate food marathon

Today marks my 12th day back home, and I think I’m more or less done with eating. It’s high time as well, as I’ve been feasting pretty much non-stop for the past 12 days – with a short break on the 3rd and 4th days as my stomach adjusted to the oilier and heavier food here.

Every mouthful has been enjoyable. I hadn’t realised that my appetite had decreased in my time in Belfast, but it didn’t take long for it to pick up again – I’ve honestly surpassed my expectations of the sheer amount I could eat. It’s just as well it did, as I’ve barely managed to sample most of the things on my “to-eat” list.

Singapore 2014

Here’s what was on the menu for the past 12 days:

  • A traditional Chinese wedding dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel – an 8 course meal comprising an assorted starter platter, fish, chicken, prawns, soup, vegetables, noodles and dessert, served with Chinese tea, a choice of beverage and red wine.
  • A Japanese buffet at Irodori Restaurant – including 22 slices of assorted sashimi, prawn tempura, takoyaki, agedashi tofu, grilled teriyaki shiitake mushrooms and deep fried shishamo.
  • A Chinese seafood buffet at Tung Lok – including cereal prawns, smoked duck slices, chilli crab, coffee pork ribs and sambal mussels
  • A buffet lunch at Park Royal Hotel to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday – featuring a spread of Peranakan dishes including Nonya laksa and durian penyet (I had 6 shot glasses worth!), western cuisine such as roast lamb and grilled beef, as well as a fresh seafood section and a variety of desserts.
  • 2 x dimsum lunches – including 4 absolutely amazing 流沙包 at Victor’s Kitchen
  • Chirashizushi set at Chikuwatei
  • Tonkatsu set at Ma Maison
  • 担担面 & 小笼包 at Paradise Dynasty
  • Tse char at Chinatown – comprising black bean fish head, frog legs, har cheong gai, braised tofu, fried hor fun. For dessert we had gula melaka ice kachang and ching tng
  • Roti prata
  • Duck rice
  • Fried carrot cake
  • 2 x kaya toast sets
  • Char kway teow
  • Fried hokkien mee
  • Oyster omelette
  • Fish soup beehoon
  • Orh kueh
  • Kway chap
  • Kueh paitee
  • Laksa
  • Gyoza
  • Old Chang Kee curry puff
  • Ippudo ramen
  • Fried tofu (Thai style)
  • Chinese rojak
  • Chee cheong fun
  • 2 x matcha ice cream
  • Sticky date pudding and chocolate cake (shared) at Robert Timms
  • Nasi padang with sayur lodeh, sambal goreng, etc
  • Gula melaka tea from Old Tea Hut – it tastes like liquid pulut hitam
  • About a cup a day of kopi or kopi peng

It seems like quite a lot but there are quite a number of dishes that were eventually bumped off the list. Diminishing returns also meant that something had to give – I’m in serious need of a day or two of detox before feasting again, but there’s just no more time.

Looks like I’ll just have to make sure I eat all the things I’ve missed (and more) on my next trip home in 2016!


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