Geiko, Geisha and Maiko – what are the differences?

Have you heard the terms ‘geisha’, ‘geiko’ and ‘maiko’ being thrown around, but always wondered what are the differences between them?

Or have you ever found yourself in Kyoto, surprised and happy to spot women dressed in gorgeous kimono with their faces painted white, and wondered if they are actually geisha you’re seeing?

If you have these burning questions and are looking for the answer, then do check out my latest article on the differences between geiko, geisha and maiko – as well as how to distinguish between a real geisha/maiko and the fake – on right now!

Also, I’ve recently set up a rotation curation Twitter account @We_Japan for Japan, primarily for all those out there who love Japan and its culture, and would like to have a platform to share and discuss about the country they love. Do please follow me there too, or sign up to curate the account for a week!


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