Can you see spring coming?

I won’t say ‘yes’ until the weather gets steadily warmer for at least a week, but for now, I’m hopeful.

Things are growing in the garden out back, and my daffodils are still alive and blooming. I’ve also noticed a few more shoots sprouting up, which is fantastic.

I can’t say for sure if any of the seeds I sowed last spring are growing – none really came up in summer, so anything out there might well be from the landlord/previous tenants – but I know the daffodils are mine. Sure, I bought them from Tesco and transplanted them when strong winds overturned the pot, but it was my hands that placed them in the ground, so I’m claiming the credit.

Maybe I’ll make another trip down this year and transplant some other flowers. I hopefully won’t be here next year to see them bloom again, but at least it’ll be nice to be able to glance at them outside for the few nice months before cold weather comes around again.


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