Rock of Cashel and Hore Abbey, Cashel

We went away to Fota Island Resort last weekend – in County Cork and not far from Cork City itself. It’s a 4.5hr drive to Fota, so we broke up the drive by stopping in Cashel, in County Tipperary.

Cashel is a quaint town, but very well maintained. Its shop fronts are attractive and it appeared to have a fair number of historical attractions for visitors to explore.

We were most keen on the town’s key attraction – the Rock of Cashel. The Rock itself is visible as you approach the town from the motorway, and is stunning:


The Rock of Cashel was the traditional seat of the Kings of Munster, and occupies an advantageous location on top of a hill. Most of the buildings currently at the site date from the 12th and 13th centuries, and the Rock of Cashel is one of the best collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture in Europe.


Visible from the Rock of Cashel is another magnificent historic site – Hore Abbey. There are strangely no signs pointing to the Abbey anywhere to be found, but if you traipse down the hill from the Rock you’ll reach Hore Abbey in no time.

I would love to see Game of Thrones film at this site:


Hore Abbey is a ruined Cistercian monastery founded by the Benedictines, who are said to have been expelled by Archbishop David MacCearbhaill. The Abbey is a great place to wonder around, and reminded me of Dunluce Castle and Downhill Demense along Northern Ireland’s north coast.


Do also check out my post on Blarney Castle here – the castle is just 20min drive from Cork, and there’s much more to it than kissing the Blarney Stone!


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