Benedicts Restaurant – my new favourite place in town

After visiting Benedicts Restaurant for the second time last week, I hereby declare it to be my new favourite place in town!

There’s little not to love at Benedicts Restaurant. Apart from a Beat-the-Clock Special everyday between 5 – 7pm, it also offers a 3-course evening set menu daily for only £22 – and for just £17.50 on Thursdays.

These promotions make Benedicts Restaurant one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for a good, filling meal for less at the weekend. And if that wasn’t enough, they serve cocktails for a mere £2.95 daily till 10pm, so you can eat AND drink your fill without breaking the bank.

Sceptics might wonder if the low prices are made possible by compromising on quality – that’s not at all the case! Benedicts Restaurant’s food is sublime – take this duck confit starter for example:


The glaze, though thick, was not cloying – and with the bed of champ beneath made for quite a substantial starter. I also tried their goats cheese fritter served with a sweet tomato caponata and rocket salad on my maiden visit there, and it was love at first bite.

I’ve had the rump of lamb twice, and it was delicious on both occasions. Slow cooked, tender, and accompanied by champ, carrot puree and a pea, bacon and mint jus – what more can one ask for? As if this wasn’t enough, each main course is served with a side of your choice between chips, garlic potatoes, salad and mash!


The only dip in an evening at Benedicts is during the desserts. Their sticky date pudding was a tad dry while their raspberry cheesecake with vanilla chocolate chip ice cream (below) wasn’t anything special – but you’ll either be buoyed by the drinks and earlier courses or be too stuffed to care very much about dessert anyway!


My family will be visiting next month and I’ve been thinking hard about which restaurants I should bring them to. They’ll have been on holiday for nearly a month by then and will probably be feeling the pinch, so I’ve penciled in a Thursday evening at Benedicts Restaurant for some good food at great value 🙂


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