Cast and Crutches

So I’ve managed to chalk up another foot injury. This time, I’ve fractured the metatarsal above my last toe on my left foot and I’ve been put in a cast – it’s my first, and hopefully will be the last.

I was the only person in ballet class on Monday. I didn’t want to have class all by myself, so thought to join the adult gym/tumbling lesson next door instead. Everything went fine until we were told to do whatever we wanted: I was practising grand jetes across the gymnastics floor but wasn’t used to this more slippery, harder surface – I was on my 3rd grand jete in the sequence (I think) but I didn’t take off right and hence didn’t land properly either.

One moment I was in the air, the next moment I was on my back on the ground. I didn’t even think my injury was that serious then – I was relieved to discover that my ankle was alright (I’ve injured my ankles too many times) and wasn’t terribly concerned that there just numbness but no pain in my foot. The ice pack that was placed on my foot probably reduced the pain further – it wasnt until I got home and gingerly prodded my foot and tried to move my last toe, upon which I felt a sharp pain, that I knew that something was wrong.

I called the out-of-hours doctor, who informed that I’ll have to go to A&E if I needed an X-ray. The waiting time then – around 11pm – would be nearly 5hrs, hence I was advised to head down between 7 – 8am and I’ll be “in an out in an hour”.

Yeah right. We arrived at A&E at 7.15am, waited till about 8.30am before I was seen, had some X-rays taken, spoke to the doctor, had my foot and leg placed in a cast and emerged nearly 4 hours later after 11am.

So.. that’s how things are for now. I’m told that fractures can take up to 6 weeks to recover; I’m said to have a “rather nasty fracture” so I reckon I’ll be on crutches for about that long. Depending on the recovery’s progress, I might be placed in a foot boot in a couple of weeks – I’m hoping that means it’ll be slightly more comfortable and lighter than this plaster of paris thing I have on my leg.

I’m working from home in the meantime – I’m not sure how I’ll manage with being cooped up in the house, all by myself for most of the day. Moving around is more or less fine so far, although I haven’t attempted to shower yet – that will be a challenge and I don’t feel dirty enough to want to try dealing with that. With the help of a well-placed chair, I’ve worked out a way to brush my teeth and wash my face seated in the bathroom, so that’s been a huge help. There’s a chair in the kitchen as well, and this evening I’ll attempt to prepare my first meal – a simple grilled fish and chopped tomatoes.

I don’t think I’ll go out until I’m absolutely dying to get out. I went to watch the Royal Ballet’s live screening of “La Fille Mal Gardee” the other night and it was so tiring! Moving from the car, up the ramps, to the lift, into a restaurant, out the restaurant, into the toilets, into the theatre, back out to the lifts, down the ramps, to the side of the road into the car – it’s a huge amount of effort if you don’t have use of both legs. I also have to say that Victoria Square isn’t very access friendly, especially those restaurants like Pizza Express with stairs up to their entrance. I came home with sore muscles in my arms, core and in the good leg – at the moment the hamstrings on both my legs are quite tight and I foresee this to be something I have to pay more attention to while I’m on crutches.

Well – this is me for now. If you’ve any tips dealing with a similar experience – especially keeping the blood circulating and muscles active – do share them with me in the comments!


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