injury update

I was back at the hospital last Friday for the first time in 6 weeks. Apparently my bone hasn’t fully healed yet – whoever said it’d take 6 – 8 weeks totally lied – but the surrounding tissue is holding my bone together well enough that I can be weaned off the medical walking boot.

That very day, I started walking on both feet at home. I’ve begun to head back into work too, walking in while wearing the boot but moving about the office in regular shoes. I’m even able to overtake slow pokes who stroll along their way, but the result is that my foot is slightly achy at the end of the day. I might need to slow down a wee bit while in the boot, even though it already takes 35 min to get into work compared to the usual 25 min.

The plan is that I’ll be completely off the foot boot by next Friday, and hopefully I can slowly return to ballet classes, starting with just barre work and building up from there. In the meantime I’ll have to remember to elevate my foot as best as I can to reduce the swelling as it’s still puffy from the initial injury.

Fingers crossed for a smooth recovery!


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