RBG Bar & Grill, Belfast – unbeatable assiette of desserts

I’ve been to RBG Bar & Grill several times for drinks and always loved it. It’s never too crowded and usually has seats, which is great when the aim is to catch up with friends in comfort. However, I’ve never tried their food, hence was happy to head there one Friday for a girlie night out.

Upon arrival, I thought our evening was headed for disaster when we were told that they needed our table back after 90 minutes. Not only was there no mention of a time limit on our booking, but honestly – is it even possible to have a 3-course meal in Belfast in 90 minutes if it’s not a pre-theatre menu? Thankfully, whoever was on the list after us never turned up – hooray for reservation flakers!

We started out with some cocktails – mai tais and strawberry daiquiris. For £6.75 I wasn’t quite expecting my mai tai to arrive in a highball glass, but it was strong enough to keep me happy.

We delved straight into the main courses – two of us opted for a duo of lamb (£15) while the others chose the rib eye (£22), which received the thumbs up. The confit lamb belly was an interesting alternative to the usual pork belly, though it was a tad too dry.

2015-06-26 19.31.23

The T-bone, however, was tender, although I’d have preferred to have been able to choose how I wanted it done, as it was slightly overcooked for me (I like my lamb medium rare, like my steak). Meanwhile, the watercress mash was unlike anything I’d ever tried. The watercress lent a light, fresh taste to the mash, although I couldn’t decide what to make of it, being one to favour a rich, creamy mash. Perhaps those who prefer a healthier (or healthier-tasting) version might enjoy it more!

My decision to try the assiette of desserts was the right one – just look at this beautiful platter of treats! The lemon possit was smooth and creamy with a good burst of lemon, the strawberry mille feuille was light and fresh and the chocolate fondant.. My, the chocolate fondant was a soft sponge simply oozing with molten dark chocolate. The shortbread was a delicious plus and this platter hit all the spots.

2015-06-26 20.38.40

We had a few more cocktails with our meal and noticed that none of the 3 strawberry daiquiris we’d ordered looked the same – each one appeared to be of a different colour and consistency. I’d suggest to try the mango daiquiri if you’re there instead, as mine was delicious and refreshing. On the whole, our girlie night out at RBG was an enjoyable one – but please let me know if you’ve any recommendations for cheap drinks on a Friday night (apart from Benedicts)!


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