St Georges’ Bar and Grill – breakfast

I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to write this post but eventually decided that if a restaurant can’t make proper scrambled eggs, people have to know.

I’d heard so much about the breakfasts at St Georges’ Bar and Grill and thought it’d be a good idea to bring my family there while they were visiting me in Belfast. Suffice to say that I didn’t have a great experience in terms of the service, but as I’ve already addressed this with the management, I will not be mentioning it further.

The photo that caught the St Georges’ Bar and Grill management’s attention and led them to contact me was this – I’d uploaded my dad’s hard and dry scrambled eggs on Instagram and Twitter. I never expected a response, hence was pleasantly surprised when they got in touch.


I truly appreciate how the St Georges’ Bar and Grill management took my quibble seriously, as they agreed that the eggs in the photo didn’t look like they were up to scratch and that it’s a simple dish which shouldn’t have been done poorly. To cut a long story short, they very generously offered me a £20 voucher to brunch there again, and hoped that my experience this time would be much more enjoyable.

I brought a few friends along on this occasion, and I’m sorry to say that the scrambled eggs turned out just the same as before. Scrambled eggs are really easy to make, so there’s no excuse there and the second time proves that the poor execution wasn’t a fluke.


St Georges’ Bar and Grill’s Ulster fry is also said to be award winning. I tried it on my first visit and found it rather ordinary, but thought that I could’ve been spoilt from having been fed all those delicious, made-with-love fries from the FIL in my time here. I was surprised, then, when my friends who ordered the fry found it rather mediocre as well.


It’s disappointing to write a poor review when the management of St Georges’ Bar and Grill was so sincere and attentive to my complaint. They went above and beyond anything that I’d expect, so it is with guilt and apologies that I confess that I cannot recommend St Georges’ Bar and Grill for brunch, and can only assume that the many others who rave about it had experienced better.


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