St Georges’ Bar and Grill – dinner

You must think I’m mad to continue to dine at St Georges Bar and Grill after my previous review about their brunch items. But hey, it’s a different time of the day with different dishes, so things should be different, yeah?

Well, the truth was that a friend had asked me out for dinner and I thought it’d be a good chance to use the Gourmet Society Card that I’d bought earlier in the year. I was feeling poor and most places don’t accept the card on Fridays, so the 1-for-1 main course at St Georges’ Bar and Grill won me over.

One thing can be said about St Georges’ Bar and Grill – that their food looks really good. The mussels in cream sauce were accompanied by a slightly over-grilled slice of Guinness bread, but were pretty much what you’d expect – rich, tasty and leaving you hungry for the mains.

Mussels_in_a_cream_sauce_with_Guinness_bread. Salt_and_chilli_squid._Well_cooked_though_batter_wasn_t_crisp_and_kept_falling_off_squid._The_accompanying_dip_of_tomato_and_onion_however_was_extremely_good.

The salt and chilli squid, on the other hand, turned out to be slightly more puzzling. The squid was very well cooked – it was tender, firm and fresh. However, the batter wasn’t crisp and bits of it fell off when dipped in the sauce. Yet, the same kitchen that made this poor batter also made the delicious sauce – which was undeniably the star of the dish. The dip was sweet and sour, very moreish and tasted like it was made from lightly pickled tomatoes and onions. Forget the various delights that you can buy at St Georges’ Market – the Bar and Grill should just sell this dip instead.

2015-07-03 18.38.58

The rib eye steak we ordered also threw up a surprise. I usually expect the meat to take centre stage, but on this occasion, it was the pepper sauce that stole the show. It was thick, creamy and very peppery – just the way I like it and fragrant beyond words. It was so delicious that at one point I was tempted to drink the piping hot sauce so that its flavour would fill my entire mouth!

I was a lot happier with my dinner experience at St Georges’ Bar and Grill. There were elements of it that I absolutely loved, and I would return just for the chilli dip and pepper sauce. What other lunch/dinner dishes at St Georges’ Bar and Grill would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


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