September Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything exciting, since the past month has been mad, mad, mad! It’s been a flurry of packing up our things, cleaning the apartment, chasing the new flat’s letting agent to get things sorted, cleaning up the new place, moving our belongs over and unpacking all our stuff.

I’m glad it’s finally all over and we can relax this weekend at last! There’re still things to be settled – the heat doesn’t work, nor does the Internet – but those are all out of our hands for now. I missed the European Heritage Open Day that’s on this weekend as I just can’t bear the thought of heading out and dealing with crowds, but I’m very happy to be seated comfortably on the couch 🙂

There have been some indulgences amidst the madness. The other Sunday saw us at The Cloth Ear at The Merchant, making use of my Gourmet Society membership card. The starters were good-sized portions – we had the meat platter, which was decent, and the chicken wings which were very delectable in a sweet chilli sauce. The hanging skewer of beef and chicken got two thumbs up from E, especially for the tandoori-esque chicken, while the steak, though tasty at the start, got cold and dry towards the end.

On the day of the move, we round ourselves on Stranmillis searching for an Airtricity gas card and decided to treat ourselves to a sit-down lunch. So we found ourselves in Yum Bar, where we were pleasantly surprised by the well presented and absolutely delicious Asian-style starters of pork spring rolls and Thai-style fish cake. My burger main looked so mundane in comparison, although E’s fajitas still impressed as the fillings were brought out on a sizzling, smoking hot plate.

Yum Bar did a brisk business at lunch, where 2 courses can be had for just £7.95. They also serve 4 shots for £10 and 3 cocktails for £15, so I’d definitely be back to try those out!

I even managed to try frozen yoghurt for the first time today at YoggieBerrie . Froyo is nice, though definitely not as satisfying as ice cream, so I really don’t get what the fuss is about. The froyo craze has hit Northern Ireland (like, a year or two after everywhere else) and people have been raving about the various froyo shops that have been popping up around the city. My guess is that froyo appeals to those who prefer something less rich or creamy than ice cream, or to folks with a penchant for the tangy. Froyo is most likely a less guilty indulgence than ice cream, but just be sure to remember that it’s still not considered healthy, yep? 😉

But right now I’m thinking of what to have for dinner tomorrow, after having made two medium-rare steaks and wedges for dinner! The tentative plan is to visit L’Etoile for their fix price menu, otherwise it might be back to The Cloth Ear to try the desserts or St George’s Bar and Grill. Any thoughts on which we should visit?


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