Ballet at Victoria Square

Dancing in public has never been on my bucket list, but I can now say that it’s on the list of things I’ve done!

My ballet class was meant to be part of a series of flash mobs at Victoria Square today, as part of their health and wellness event. Unfortunately – it being a rainy and cold Saturday in January – Victoria Square wasn’t busy enough for a successful flash mob, so our routine became a brief performance instead.

One of my classmates shared a video that her mum took, and I’m really happy with how we looked! My teacher and I had been practising a simple pas de deux – just a chasse pas de bourree and grand jete – but partnering is way harder than it looks.

We didn’t always get the coordination spot on during our rehearsals, where I jump at exactly the same moment as when he lifts me up. Thankfully, we nailed it during the performance – on both instances as well! – and achieved really good height on the jump, and that’s all that matters.

There’s also a rather thrilling sense of soaring and flying when you and your partner execute a proper lift – I can see why professional dancers get addicted to performing. The adrenaline rush is rather seductive indeed 🙂

Not too shabby for the start of 2016 – hopefully this isn’t all the excitement I’m getting this year!



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