“You’ll feel so homesick that you want to die and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from endure it. But you will, and it won’t kill you. Then one day, the sun will come out: you might not even notice straight away, it’d be that faint. And then you’ll catch yourself thinking of something or someone who has no connection with the past, someone who’s only yours, and you’ll realise – that this is where your life is.”


2 thoughts on “Brooklyn

  1. Sc says:

    hi there, I m a fellow Singaporean living in Belfast.. as you know it’s national day tomorrow !! It’s making me think of home and food…do you know of any Singaporean restaurants here?? Much appreciated 🙂

    • ladystormhold says:

      Hi Sc,

      Apologies for the late reply! Did you manage to get any Singaporean food for National Day? There’s the Malaysian Student’s Society off Lisburn Road if you haven’t already heard about it?


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