About Me

Welcome to my page and thanks for stopping by!

I’m a food-obsessed Singaporean, ballet student, avid reader and cat lover. I’m interested in migrant experiences, urbanism and urban planning – and am still hoping that I’d one day be able to land a job that deals in one of those fields.

I taught English as a second language for two glorious years in Osaka, on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, before moving into the world of furthering international relations and economic interests between Singapore and Northeast Asia.

I then moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland into a market operations and business intelligence role with a global firm. Soon I will be moving again – to London this time, a city which I’ve always wanted to live and work in.

I’m a native English speaker and proficient in Mandarin and Japanese. I’d love for more opportunities to write and hone my language skills, so feel free to drop me a line any time if there’s anything you think I can get involved in.

This blog was born out of my unending need to put thoughts in writing, and I hope you’ll enjoy my musings on food, ballet, being a Singaporean overseas and my ordinary life.

My posts about life in Japan, including tips and tricks on applying to the JET Programme and surviving in Japan, can be found on my JET blog.

Feel free to drop me a comment or say hi!


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. deborahchia says:

    Hello there! This is deborah here from Singapore! I’m writing from an advertising agency and would love to speak to you further via email on how we can work together for one of our client’s video.

    Would be great if you can pass me your email so that i can drop you a mail! (:

    Looking forward to hear from you!

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