Ballet & Dance

Ballet is another of my passions. I took lessons from the ages of 5 – 11, but stopped as my parents could no longer afford the constant increases in class fees. I started dancing again when I was 23 years old and have not stopped since, and credit ballet for instilling these traits in me:

  • Fast learner and quick to adapt
  • Able to listen to critique and improve on flaws
  • Flexible in mind and able to deal with constant change
  • Being always prepared
  • Team player
  • Hard working, disciplined and dedicated
  • Self-motivated and energetic
  • Graceful under pressure

My articles on ballet include:

Ballet Tips and Tricks

Ballet Reviews



2 thoughts on “Ballet & Dance

  1. belfastfoodman says:

    Hi buddy seems like a man after my own heart. I am the belfastfoodman
    Please contact me and we can share experiences

    Once again the BFM shares the food love!!! Ciao down now!!!

    You can follow me on
    Twitter @belfastfoodman
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    Please like my pages, share and spread the food love with all your contacts,friends and families!!

  2. starduest says:

    Thank you! Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram @starduest too 🙂

    Would love to connect and hear more about your experiences and inspiration. Am really impressed and amazed – and a wee bit envious – by the sheer amount of food you have!

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