My interest in Japan began when a friend at university asked if I’d like to take a beginner’s Japanese course with her. This led to me enrolling and being selected for the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, where I fell in love with the country, its food and its culture during my two years in Osaka.

My articles on Japan include:

Japanese Culture

    • Geisha, Geiko and Maiko – What are the differences? – published on KimonoGeisha.com, 23 February 2015
    • Kimono Showcase: Naomi’s Pregnancy Kitsuke – learn about Naomi’s tips and tricks on wearing a kimono while pregnant. Published on KimonoGeisha.com, 9 March 2015.

Travelling in Japan

  • One Week Roadtrip Around Shikoku – first published in Cornell University’s Asian Business Magazine in 2009; republished with minor edits in Sept 2014 in parts one, two and three.
  • Five Things You Must Do in Osaka – Your time in Osaka will not be complete without these 5 experiences. (27 Nov 2014)
  • Five Things You Must Eat in Osaka – After you’ve fed your senses, it’s time to feed the body. (21 Jan 2015)

Living in Japan

From my previous blog, My JET Experience:

  • Moving to and Living in Japan – link
  • Living costs in Osaka – link
  • Moving from Japan: Shipping and Softbank – link
  • Moving from Japan: Shipping (Part 2) – link

I have also compiled a list of recommendations on getting around, places to see and food to eat in Osaka and the rest of Kansai. If you’d like a copy, just drop me a comment below with your email address and I’ll send it on!


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